Smokemiester BBQ Smoker

Smokemiester BBQ Smokers convert a covered grill into a high quality hot or cold Pellet BBQ Smoker/Grill combination, and NEEDS NO POWER. For pellet grills, works for pre smoking and cold smoking only. Smokemiester BBQ Smoker is unique, it has NO AIR PUMP, it makes its own draft. Our BBQ Smoker installs, burns, and delivers pure dense smoke from the outside of covered grills and smokehouses. The heat that's generated from the burning process is carried away in the air, leaving just smoke for COLD SMOKING. Installed on a covered grill, Smokemiester makes the perfect HOT BBQ SMOKER. It's easy to install, simple to use and SELF CLEANS WITHOUT REMOVAL. It has a burn screen that allows free smoke circulation and prevents outlet tube clogging. Why choose Smokemiester BBQ Smokers? 1. Precision made with iron. 2. High temperature powder coating, for durability and visual appeal. 3. Lower lid design, gives precise smoke control. 4. Wooden knobs, can be used without gloves when smoker is hot. 5. Unique pullout burn screen (no special tools to install or remove) 6. Lids and ash pan swing out of the way for lighting and cleaning. Installing Your Smoker: You need a 1 1/8" hole saw to drill a hole in your BBQ, below the burners, insert outlet tube and secure with nuts supplied. BBQ Smoker Start Up: Open both lids on BBQ Smoker, and swing ash pan to the side. Place approximately 1 cup of Wood Pellets, Chips or Chunks inside of BBQ Smoker. Light BBQ Smoker from the bottom with a propane torch until it flames, and swing ash pan back into position. After approximately 5 minutes, close both lids on BBQ Smoker until flame is extinguished, then adjust smoke output with bottom lid. Cleaning Instructions: Open top and bottom lids, put 3/4 cup of pellets in the smoker, with a propane torch light from the bottom until it flames, let burn until it goes out. When cool, pull screen, and use a wire brush to remove carbon residue from inside smoker and screen.

  • Connects in minutes to covered grills and smokehouses, Needs No Air Pump or Power
  • Takes NO Grill Space, Ready to smoke in 5 minutes or less, precise smoke control
  • Large 4 inch diameter, makes filling easy, Burns Wood Pellets (2 cups included free with purchase) Chips or Chunks
  • Provides up to 8 hours of pure dense smoke on one filling (4 cups of pellets)
  • Self Cleaning, without removal, Laser Cut, High Temperature Powder Coating